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Have you been wondering how to use Splunk to solve a particular problem? Add your question to this page. Do you know the answer to a question that's being asked here? Make a page and tell us! Refer to Help:Editing and Help:Contribute if you need a little information first.

Wish List:

  • To have the ability to Selectively Delete Data
  • Implement rich-editor for Forum posts. The wiki formatting already in place is not consistent with the markup used to edit suggestions to the documentation.
  • Allow html edit as optional. I believe most of us know how to write html and would feel more comfortable just writing html tags. of course no scripting should be allowed, to avoid injections //blah, blah//
  • GUI (the 'search' application) could be hyperlinked to spots in the documentation. Example: the page where I schedule a search prompts me for schedule type, allowing me to use *nix cron syntax. At that very spot i would love clicking on that comment for the browser to open the help page on a new tab. (hope i am explaining myself clearly)
  • I would like mark a post thread in the forum and then, to be notified (email) each time a user posts a new item to the thread.
  • "my posts" page shows a time, but this is not the time the post was last modified. Is this a bug? please clarify. (i believe the date displayed is the timestamp of **my** last contribution to the post.)
  • Allow re-order posts on a thread either by time ascending or descending.
  • Improve the GUI page that manages saved searches, [Manager >> Searches and reports >> {SearchName} ]. Include all the possibilities available for a search when they are included in the Template:Savedsearches.conf file. Example: email-subject, email-body-format, etc.
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