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.conf 2017! September 25 - 28, Washington D.C. Main site:

This page is for the community to plan things .conf-related. Please feel free to plan provocations, protests, and happenings; to discuss food and beverage options; to compose epic lyrics and haiku.


The .conf FTR (First Time Run) program supports first-time attendees by running tours, organizing office hours, and collecting feedback. We are located near, and provide a back-up for, the info booth.

Wait, what?

  • Tours are a painless way to visit the booths on the pavilion floor without getting sucked into interminable sales pitches. Tours are timed to end at the start of a presentation in the community theatre
  • Office hours - we have one for each track. These are designed for people to share where they are blocked, and get help from the community on unblocking.

FTR invites Splunk Trust members and anyone else with relevant experience to join office hours.

Proposed Schedule

Tours and Office hours will eventually be in the agenda. The FTR booth will be open when the Pavilion is open.

Day Time Event Duration
Tuesday 10:30 Office Hours - Business Analytics 45m
Tuesday 11:15 Pavilion Tour 30m
Tuesday 2:00 Office Hours - Developers 45m
Tuesday 2:45 Pavilion Tour 30m
Wednesday 10:30 Office Hours - IoT 45m
Wednesday 11:15 Pavilion Tour 30m
Wednesday 2:15 Office Hours - IT Operations 45m
Wednesday 3:00 Pavilion Tour 30m
Thursday 10:30 Office Hours - Security/Compliance/Fraud 45m
Thursday 11:15 Pavilion Tour 15m

Restaurant suggestions

  • Daikaya ramen
  • Toki Underground
  • * Toki is amazing. sadly, super tiny so prepare to wait, but you can give them your number, and go get a drink nearby while you wait
  • Busboys and Poets, which is 2 or 3 blocks from the South side of the conference - casual, large place that pretty much exemplifies local DC kind of place
  • if you like Ethiopian food, DC is the best city in the US for it, just a few blocks north of Conference center. ok, probably 10 blocks, but a straight shot
  • Whaley's
  • The Dabney: If anyone wants to check out one of our recently Michelin starred restaurants without totally breaking the bank I recommend The Dabney. You'll want to make reservations at noon two weeks before the day you want to go to get a table. Their cocktails are also incredible. If you get there before 5 when they open, you can usually snag a seat at the bar with no reservation and you can order from the full menu there as well.
  • Just beside The Dabney is The Columbia Room which was recently awarded the title Best American Cocktail bar at the Spirited Awards.
  • My favorite cocktail bar in DC is probably Left Door though; they only allow as many people in as there are seats so it never gets too busy. They're always refreshing their menu too so there's always something new and excited.
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