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Want to add a note to a topic someone else wrote, or create your own topic? Read on.

Getting edit access

If you are logged in with your credentials and don't already have edit access, send email to and ask for it. Someone will get back to you within a day or two and get that set up.

Adding a new topic

Maybe you want to write up how you solved a problem, post a script you wrote to share with other Splunk users, or explain a concept you found particularly helpful, you can create your own topic. You do this by adding a link to it on an existing page:

  • Log into your account as described for editing existing topics.
  • Go to the page you want to add a topic to, and click Edit at the top.
  • Create a link to your topic by typing two left brackets, the name you want to give your topic (with underscores where the spaces should be), and two right brackets, like so:

More options for linking in MediaWiki are described here (external link to Wikipedia's help page about links).

  • Once you've made a link to your new topic, save the page the link is in. You'll notice that the link is red.
  • Click on your new red link. It'll take you to an empty page, ready for you to fill with your awesome information!. Click Edit on the page, and use the information here (external link to Wikipedia's MediaWiki syntax help page) to format it.

Commonly-used MediaWiki markup syntax

For the most part, you can just type in what you want to say, but if you want to add a little structure to your writing, here are some options:

Adding section titles (sometimes called headings)

To add headings, put equals (=) signs around the heading text, the same number on each side. The more equals signs you use, the lower the level of heading--so using two equals is a second-level heading, three is a third, etc. Make sure you have the same number on each side.


To use bullets, start a new line with an asterisk (*) and a space, and then the text you want for the bullet. To add a second-level (indented) bullet, use two asterisks in a row.

The motherlode

More details on Mediawiki markup are here (external link to Wikipedia's documentation).

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