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#splunk, the Splunk community IRC channel

Splunkers and our favorite customers inhabit the #splunk channel on EFNET. Join us!


What do you guys do in there all day?

This blog post explains a little bit about how things go day-to-day:

How do I get on this awesome ride?

How to Connect to IRC

Who the heck are these people?

Yes, we know people use funny names on the internets. Some of us are ok with you knowing who we really are:


  • amrit|wrk, amrit = Amritpal Bath, Core Developer at Splunk & runs the Splunky bot
  • piebob, pie|home = Rachel Perkins, Director of Special Projects at Splunk, PYRO
  • karr = I am not a bot, what are you talking about?


  • bob_deep = Karandeep Bains, Sales Engineer for BD, Duke of Fun.
  • ^Brian^ = Brian Osburn, Support Engineer at Splunk, Ex-Customer
  • BSonPosh, BS|AFK = Brandon Shell, Practice Manager in BD (O'town)
  • cerby = David Paper, Senior Advisory Engineer, fez and cape enabled
  • cgales = Christopher Gales, director of documentation at Splunk
  • Coccyx = Clint Sharp, Director of Product Management at Splunk
  • DaGryph = Jeff Bernt, Microsoft guy in Seattle, Splunker of the TARDIS
  • d4rt = Duncan Turnbull, SE out of Lonon
  • dimitri = Dimitri McKay, Jedi Master and SE out of NYC
  • dmaislin = David Maislin, Sales Engineer, Central Region (Road Warrior) at Splunk
  • edrabbit = Ed Hunsinger, Lurker and Splunk Storm engineer
  • fiona = Fiona Robinson, Tech Writer in SF. Works on: Alerting, Dashboards/Viz/Simple XML, REST API, Enterprise Dev ("Developing Views and Apps for Splunk Web") manual.
  • firebus = Russell Uman, Looks But Does Not Smell Like A Durian And Does WebDev at Splunk
  • fumpT = Andrew Goodall, Sales Engineer based in Canberra, Australia
  • halr9000 = Hal Rottenberg, Solution Architect in bizdev lab (he makes apps) at Splunk
  • hexx0, hexx_home = Octavio Di Sciullo, developer for the SoS app, Splunk support engineer
  • Jaykul = Joel Bennett, Solution Architect in Bizdev at Splunk
  • JoeTron = Johan Woger, Dedicated Support Engineer at Splunk, SPY
  • jtrucks = Jesse Trucks, Minister of Magic (Senior Security Strategist) at Splunk
  • laralei | lauras = Laura Stewart, Sr. Tech Writer for the Search Reference, Search Manual, and Search Tutorial at Splunk
  • Luain = Brian O'Hanlon (DSE out of London)
  • puercomal = Jack Coates, Director of Product Management at Splunk
  • sophy, sophy|swe = Sophy Ting, sometimes working from Sweden, Documentation Writer for search/tutorial/cli at Splunk
  • splunkera, lguinn = Lisa Guinn, Senior Instructor at Splunk, usually on (I'm not lisa)
  • vraptor = Nadine Miller, Technical Support Engineer (US - Eastern), ex-Partner, ex-Customer
  • mattymo = Matthew Modestino, Splunk Advisory Engineer - Toronto, Canada
  • Oatmeal = Beau LaChance, Technical Support Engineer (US - Eastern)
  • jgedeon = Joe Gedeon, Support Engineer (US - Eastern)
  • keysersoz = Hogan Keyser, Technical Support Engineer (US - Eastern)


  • Drainy = Steve Drain, Technical and Engineering Consultant, MarQuest, Oxford UK
  • Ayn = Patrik Nordlén, NTT Com Security (Sweden)
  • automine = Dave Shpritz, Splunk PS Consultant, Aplura (US)
  • alacer = Kyle Smith, Integration Developer, Aplura (US)
  • beatus = Brandon Ganem, Information Security Engineer, Aplura (US)
  • mrfrosty = Jamie Read, Splunk PS Consultant, Aplura (US)
  • snowmizer = Nancy Kafer, Integration Developer, Aplura (US)
  • faststeak = Steve Salisbury, Splunk PS Consultant, Aplura (US)
  • madscient = Nick Mealy, Developer of Commercial Splunk Apps and Splunk Reseller, Sideview, Oakland CA
  • sover = David Anderson, david, Defense Point Security (US)
  • stew|fez = Jason Ashbaugh, Cyber Intel Services Manager, Defense Point Security (US)
  • gfuente = Guillermo Fuente, Splunk Consultant, Panorama Technologies (Spain)
  • duckfez = Duane Waddle, Security Engineer, Defense Point Security (US)
  • muebel = Matt Uebel, Security Engineer, Defense Point Security (US)
  • starcher = George Starcher, Security Engineer, Defense Point Security (US)
  • ronco = Ron Cooper, Lead Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton (US)
  • martin_m = Martin Müller, Splunk Consultant, Consist Software Solutions (Germany)


  • Carson = Carson Longhorn, Customer, Australia
  • fk319 = Frank Kujawski, Customer, PA
  • magickal1 = Peter Feger, Customer, Emerson Electric Co., Saint Louis
  • MitchM = Mitch Mahan, Customer, Allonhill, LLC - Denver, CO
  • troj = Troy Johnson, Customer, MNIT
  • walkeran = Andy Walker, Customer, FBS Datasystems, Fargo, ND
  • xoff = Chris Kurtz, Customer, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
  • Trex = Ryan Adler, Customer, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
  • Koudis = Milan Koudelka, Customer, GoodData Corporation, Czech republic
  • s72ucor = Daniel, Customer, undisclosed location
  • acharlieh / acharfez / teddybfez = Charlie Huggard, Cerner Corporation, Kansas City
  • casterlan = Aaron Lancaster, Customer, Knoxville, TN
  • Mason (IRC) masonmorales (Answers) = Mason Morales - Grand Master of Splunk at Blizzard Entertainment, Irvine, CA. Member of SplunkTrust.
  • Richfez (IRC) Rich7177 (Answers) = Rich Mahlerwein - System Administrator for the Forest County Potawatomi in Northern Wisconsin. Member of SplunkTrust.
  • mlanghor = Mike Langhorst, customer - Sacramento, CA * Fez wearer
  • dawnrise = Dawn Taylor, Customer, University of Alberta - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Yorokobi = Colby Williams, Customer, Apollo Education Group, Inc. - Phoenix, AZ
  • Bakey = Matt Baker, Customer, Infinity Insurance - Birmingham, AL
  • Tacobelli = Tony Iacobelli, Customer, University of Cincinnati - Cincinnati, Ohio
  • emiller42 = Eric Miller, Customer, Minneapolis, MN
  • duhkota = Dakota Knutson, Customer, Sacramento, CA
  • ChrisO = Christopher Owen, Customer, Mooresville, NC
  • ccsfdave = Dave Geller, Customer - City and County of San Francisco, CA


  • karr = Karma bot.
    • !USERNAME++ will increment Karma for an IRC user. This karma is not integrated (yet) with Karma on splunk answers. There is no limit to how much Karma you can give, but if you cheat a lot amrit will eventually destroy you
  • Splunky = URL bot.
    • If anyone posts a URL to #splunk, Splunky will tell you the title of the page (helps to avoid - or exploit - porn spammers).
    • Splunky will also provide links to Splunk spec file documentation in response to !spec SPECNAME e.g !spec outputs

Plz to help IRC peepz

Geniuses of #splunk, please contribute to the list of things I wish I'd known when first installing Splunk.

Also, we are starting a list of enhancement requests so that members of the community can take advantage of each other's efforts and put collective weight behind good ERs.

TSHIRT SLOGANS by the community. Maybe someday you'll be choseN?

Smells Like Teen Spirit

6.2.3 fancy French sammiches
6.2.4 TACOS!!
6.2.5 single malt whiskey
6.2.6 .CONF .CONF .CONF!!!
6.3 a MVP
6.3.1 Qdoba
6.3.2 EggNog
6.3.3 a bowl of twinkies
6.4 fresh banana bread!
6.4.1 pho
6.4.2 bulgogi
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