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Each Splunk deployment is a unique and special snowflake. When you migrated from Splunk 3.x to 4.x, did you run into something unexpected? What did you find out? How did you work around it? What would you tell your pre-4.x Splunk self if you could go back in time?

Share your tips and experiences here! To do this, make sure you're logged into and then edit this topic (there's an edit link above). Then, you can either add a bullet point to the list, or create a link to a new topic. The Splunk Community Wiki is a MediaWiki (like Wikipedia). Use the Mediawiki online help if you need to know how to add and edit pages. When you contribute, please consider signing and dating your post or addition. You can do this easily by including four tildes (~) on a line by themselves.

What every Splunk admin should know about migrating to 4.x:

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