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Add a slogan, maybe someone will use it!

  • splunk> I gotta fever, and the only cure is MOAR LICENSE!
  • splunk> The corkscrew for your vintage data.
  • splunk> Caught me on the server - Wasn't me.
  • splunk> \"\"\. nuff said.
  • splunk> These are the droids you are looking for
  • splunk> Finding disturbances in the Force before the Jedi Masters
  • splunk> don't get caught up in the game of pwns
  • splunk> We enjoy breaks more than Unions
  • splunk> We line break for regular expressions
  • splunk> The bran for your system
  • splunk> Open a can of whooparse
  • splunk> Show me your logs
  • splunk> Rhymes with drunk
  • splunk> Chasing tail since 2003
  • splunk> this way: Run-D.M.C.
  • splunk> Walking War Room!!
  • splunk> IT like you mean it
  • splunk ML> Solve problems you didn't know you were about to have
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