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Many users have requested Visio and OmniGraffle icon libraries. You can download the files here:

Please review the Splunk Icon Style Guide for guidance about the proper use of the icons, and see below for tips and tricks.

How To Use - Tips and Tricks


To change the label for icons in Visio:

  • Place the icon on the page
  • Right click and go to Group > Open $IconName$
  • Scroll down to the embedded text
  • Right click on the text > Edit Text

Change History

The August 2018 update includes the following new icons:

  • Dimension
  • Metric
  • Metrics Index
  • Time
  • Value

The June 2017 update includes the following new icons:

  • A data packet (within a data stream)
  • Accelerated data model
  • Accelerated dataset
  • Accelerated report
  • Cluster Master
  • Cluster Peers
  • Custom visualization CSS
  • Custom visualization HTML
  • Custom visualization JS
  • Data model dataset
  • Deployer
  • Distributed Management Console
  • ES
  • ES (server)
  • Event handlers drilldown
  • Event handlers form input
  • Event handlers search
  • Event handlers selection
  • Extended table dataset
  • External Nodes
  • External, third-party app (versus a Splunk app)
  • Form inputs checkbox
  • Form inputs dropdown list
  • Form inputs link
  • Form inputs multiselect
  • Form inputs radio button
  • Form inputs submit
  • Form inputs text box
  • Form inputs time
  • Hadoop
  • HTTP Event Collector (styled as an input, maybe similar to a network input)
  • ITSI
  • ITSI (server)
  • KV store captain
  • KV store member
  • License Master
  • Lookup dataset
  • Panels chart
  • Panels event
  • Panels html
  • Panels inline
  • Panels map
  • Panels prebuilt
  • Panels report
  • Panels single value
  • Scheduled report
  • SDK (with modifiers for language)
  • Search Head Cluster Captain
  • Search Head Cluster Members
  • Search scheduler
  • Simple XML extension CSS
  • Simple XML extension JS
  • Splunk Cloud
  • Splunk Cloud (server)
  • Table dataset
  • UBA
  • UBA (server)
  • Virtual index
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