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More best practices

This page contains links to assorted topics on Splunk best practices. Some are written by Splunk employees, and some are contributed by our users. If you've figured out a better, faster way to do something with Splunk, share it with us here!. Feel free to start a discussion about any of these topics on the Discussion tab for that topic.

Participate and contribute

The contents of this wiki are created by Splunk and the Splunk community. We welcome your feedback and contributions.

You're encouraged to add to the topics you find within the sections below, or to create your own topics by linking from the pages inside each area. The Splunk Community Wiki is a MediaWiki (like Wikipedia). Use the Mediawiki online help if you need to know how to add and edit pages.

Signing your posts

When you contribute, please consider signing and dating your post or addition. You can do this easily by including four tildes (~) on a line by themselves.


If you have questions about how to contribute to this Wiki, contact If you have technical questions about running Splunk, you may wish to visit the Splunk user forums or submit a case with Splunk support.

A community highlight

Some greatest hits from the community for new splunk administrators: Things_I_wish_I_knew_then

Best practices around getting data into Splunk

Add your own topics to this list:

Best practices around Data management

Best practices around searching, reporting

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Best practices around Splunk knowledge management

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Best practices for Splunk on Windows

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See the growing section Deploy:Troubleshooting for more.

Unsorted best practice topics

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