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Welcome to the Splunk Community Wiki, a community space where you can share what you know with other Splunk users. Come in and join the discussions, tell us what you've learned, and share the love.

How to contribute

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What to know about this content

This is a community-driven site, and unless specifically noted, the content here is not official Splunk documentation. It's a good idea to be careful when following procedures and recommendations from this site. Some content may be out of date or inaccurate. You're welcome to update and fix inaccurate procedures if you know the right/newer way to do something!

Featured topics

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Log format reference

This section contains a listing of log formats by type/technology for use in parsing.

Troubleshooting your Splunk installation

Deploying Splunk

Find information about the components of a Splunk deployment, your options when deploying, what choices you have with respect to high availability, and information about tuning factors.

Getting data into Splunk

Searching, alerting, and reporting

Security and compliance

Integrating with other tools

Migrating Splunk

Customizing Splunk Web

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