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SplunkTrust Virtual .conf Sessions

The SplunkTrust presents a Virtual .conf session once a month, featuring members who have either presented at a Splunk .conf in the past, or who are developing a presentation to submit for the upcoming .conf.

October 2015

When: October 30

Who: Martin Müller, Consist

What: Optimizing Splunk Knowledge Objects

Recording: none, see .conf 2015:

November 2015

When: November 23

Who: Kyle Smith, Aplura

What: Lesser Known Search Commands

Recording: none, see .conf 2014:

December 2015

When: December 1st

Who: Gregg Woodcock, Splunxter

What: The "Gotchas" of Splunk

Recording: none, slides are here:

January 2016

When: January 6

Who: Duane Waddle and George Starcher, Defense Point Security

What: Through the Lookups Glass

Recording: none, see .conf 2015:

February 2016

When: February 23

Who: Mark Runals, The Ohio State University

What: Taming your Data, featuring the data onboarding maturity scoring model and dynamically having Splunk detect mis-categorized sourcetypes


March 2016

When: March 31st

Who: Nick Mealy, Sideview Apps

What: Best practices around grouping and aggregating data from different search results


Slides: (Updated several times since the talk and since conf)

The version from the first virtual conf is

flowchart (in progress) :

April 2016

When: April 28th

Who: George Starcher and Duane Waddle, Defense Point Security

What: Avoid the SSLippery SSLope of Default SSL


Slides: Media:SplunkTrustApril-SSLipperySlopeRevisited.pdf

May 2016

When: May 31st

Who: Rich Mahlerwein, Forest County Potawatomi

What: Rich Mahlerwein teaches NOOBS (An Intro to Splunk)



July 2016

When: July 29th

Who: Mason Morales, Blizzard Entertainment

What: Architecting Splunk for Epic Performance


Slides: Architecting Splunk for Epic Performance at Blizzard Entertainment

March 2017

When: March 10th

Who: Martin Müller, Consist

What: Indexed Tokens, Fields, and You



April 2017

When: April 17th

Who: Nadine Miller, Splunk

What: KVStore: Hammer Time!


Slides: File:KVStore Hammer virtualConf.pdf

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